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F.I.T One Day Tour Group Tour Special Tour
Classic Xi'an A

The Museum of Qin terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. The bronze Chariots and horses. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda .Cien Temple

108 USD/P.P

Classic Xi'an B

The Museum of Qin terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. The Banpo Museum .The Big Wild Goose Pagoda . Cien Temple

115 USD/P.P

One Day Tour--Qin Terra-cotta Worriors and Horses

The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Worriors and Horses

100 USD/P.P

Charming Xi'an

The Shaanxi History Museum. The Ancient City Wall.The Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square . The Muslin quarter .

93 USD/P.P

King Luxurious Tour

The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.The Hua Qing Hot Spring.The Ancient City Wall.The Big Wild Goose Pogoda .Cien Temple. The Dumpling Dinner .The Tang Dynasty Show

230 USD/P.P

The Dumping Dinner +The Tang Dynasty Show

The Dumping Dinner + Xian Tang Dynasty Show

70 USD/P.P

Mount Hua One Day Tour

Mount Hua (Including: Jade Spring Garden.North Peak.Blue Dragon Ridge.The Central Peak.The East Peak.The South Peak)

155 USD/P.P

Focus Xi'an

The Museum of Terra-Corra Warriors and Horses .Banpo Museum .The Hua Qing Hot Spring

130 USD/P.P

Depth Explore of Ancient Tomb

Museum of Terra-cotta Warriors and horses . Tomb of Emperor Jingdi of Han Dynasty.

138 USD/P.P

Hiking Old City Tour

The Bell Tower. LuoMaShi street,.WoLong Temple.Kaitong Alley. Xi'an Forest of steles Museum. ShuYuanMen .XiangZiMiaoStreet. ShunChengXiang. The Ancient City Wall. City Wall Ruins Museum. Around the city Church. DeFu Alley. The Drum Tower . the Muslim quarter. Great Mosque. Gao Grand Courtyard. Shadow Play Performances.

138 USD/P.P

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