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 When is the best time to visit China? 
China's geographic area is slightly larger than the U.S.A; it covers similar latitudes, with the lion's share located in the temperate zone. This provides endless year-round variety for visitors to... 

How about the personal safety while travelling in China? 
China is considered one of the safest countries in the world to travel. Crime is very low throughout China, and there are virtually no crimes committed against tourists visiting China. Even during...  

How are the communications in China now? 
Telephone communication within China is good and getting better as the national system upgrades to fiber optic cable. Travelers can communicate easily with home or office via telephone, fax, telex,...  

Are there any health requirements to travel in China? 
No special vaccinations are required, but those who have travelled from an infected area before coming to China should have vaccination records available for a Health Declaration form upon arrival....  

What are the advantages of touring China in groups? 
Today, group travel offers surprising versatility. Travelers can choose from budget, first-class, or super-deluxe package tours by selecting the types of hotels and menu plans they prefer, including...  

How about the electricity in China? Are my electrical appliances workable in China? 
Electrical appliances will require an adapter that can change the shape of the plug prongs, as well as an electrical voltage converter that will allow a normal 110-volt American appliance to take... 

Could you give some detailed information about China customs clearance? 
Customs Clearance According to related laws and regulations, the luggage of inbound and outbound passengers must come under customs supervision and control. Passengers should make accurate...  

Could you please give some details of China Currency and the payment in China? 
China's currency is the Renminbi (RMB), usually called the Yuan. Ten Jiao make up one Yuan. At present, the Yuan is worth about US $0.12, with slight daily fluctuations. The Bank of China has... 

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